High Commission for Denmark

11, Golf Links
New Delhi 110003 India
Tel: +91-11-4209-0700
Fax: +91-11-2460-2019

How To Apply ?


Required documents for all visa categories:

Please note that the following essentials must be met by all applicants submitting their applications for visa.

Passport with at least three months validity from the date of arrival back in India

Please note that The Embassy of Denmark does not accept additional pages inserted into passports. If you do not have two
blank pages to which a visa can be affixed, a new passport must be obtained before submitting your application.

Relevant Forms & Photograph

Fully completed application form appropriate to the type of visa with two original passport-size photographs [NB: digital photographs not acceptable]

Important Information:
Children under 18 traveling without one or both parents or without a legal guardian must provide an affidavit for travel
signed by both parents or by the parent or legal guardian not traveling and also a copy of passport's 1st and last page of parent.

Please carry original documents at the time of submission and submit only photocopies of all documents, as we do not guarantee the return of any original documents. However,
note that we reserve the right to request the original of any document provided at any point during visa processing.

English translations must accompany the documents not originally in English.

Passport should have at least two blank pages.

It shall have been issued within the previous 10 years.

Applications are only accepted within 3 months of the requested date of arrival.

The applicants must allow for a processing time of minimum 15 days. Excluding the VFS handling time back and forth to the Royal Danish Embassy.

Colour photocopy of the valid passport (all pages of the passport) is required. If there are any valid visa for
USA/UK/Canada/Australia and any Schengen visa (issued in last three years) in the old/cancelled passport than colour photocopy of those pages are also required.

Note: We cannot accept photographs that do not meet these requirements

Please provide one recent photographs (not more than 6 months old) of yourself. The photographs should be in color and:

Taken against a light background (white or off-white) so that features are distinguishable and contrast against the background.
Clear share quality and with the face in focus.
Printed on normal photographic paper (camera print).
Full face, non-smiling [without sunglasses, a hat/cap or other head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious belief or ethnic background].
Please stick the Photograph on the Visa Application Form.

Note: Please follow these instructions carefully. If photographs presented do not meet these requirements your application will be considered incomplete. Photo booth meeting these requirements is available at the centre.

Download Forms

Danish and Icelandic Visa Application Form
Consent Form
Insurance Declaration Form (for frequent travelers)

Download Instructions:

The forms are in PDF format.

You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and download these documents.

Please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

To download a form:

  1. Click on the form link
  2. When the form opens, save the form on your computer.


  1. Press the right button on your mouse on the required link.
  2. Select Save Target As from the list
  3. Save the form on your computer.